Beverly Januszewski, Ph.D.

Psychological Evaluations: offering clarity, hope, and direction

I specialize in conducting evaluations with gifted and twice-exceptional* individuals, and individuals with complex mental health conditions. I also specialize in ADHD evaluations. My evaluations are sensitive to cultural diversity, as well as gender identity and expression.
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Welcome, I am Dr. Beverly

I have been licensed in the state of California for almost 25 years, primarily specializing in child and adolescent psychology. My training spans a range of levels of care and complex diagnostic presentations. Within my private practice of more than 20 years, I have grown to specialize in conducting evaluations with youth and adults who are gifted/twice-exceptional, gender diverse, culturally diverse, and/or who are struggling in school, work, and/or life. My greatest reward is when my clients feel renewed hope, deepen their personal understanding, and embark on a meaningful path to address their challenges. I provide accurate diagnoses and useful recommendations. Throughout the evaluation process, I work collaboratively with my clients to highlight their strengths, help them understand their diagnosis and condition, and to develop an individualized plan of action. Common evaluation referral questions include: 1. My child is clearly gifted, but their grades are dropping, they’re having trouble making friends, and/or they’re struggling to cope with daily life. What’s going on? 2. My teen is struggling and has so many questions about themselves. How can I help them to feel relief, discover more about their identity, and prepare for college? 3. What is my primary mental health diagnosis? I have been struggling for years, and I really want to understand myself and what I need. My evaluations include several steps, such as parent interviews, parent/teacher questionnaires, record reviews, client interviews and direct testing, scoring/report writing, and feedback sessions (often one for parents and one for parent/child). Adult evaluations often include their partner's or parent’s input. The evaluation cost is determined by each case. Fees for comprehensive evaluations typically range between $4000-$6000, and the fees vary with the individual’s age and referring questions. If you would like to seek reimbursement from your insurance, I can provide a superbill. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company to determine coverage including the deductible and your cost for an out-of-network psychological evaluation. *Regarding gifted and twice-exceptional (2E, intellectually gifted persons with one+ diagnosis) evaluations, I find a unique interaction with high intelligence and certain social, emotional, attentional, and sensory issues. Folks with higher intelligence often have fewer intellectual peers, feel socially isolated, have heightened emotional and sensory intensities, and yearn for deeper connection. They are also prone to asynchronous learning skills. Through the evaluation process, we can highlight the beauties of your gifts and creativity, as well as clarify what areas may need more support. If you are interested in pursuing an evaluation or learning more, please contact me. We will determine if my services are the best fit for your needs.
Beverly Januszewski, Ph.D.
Licensed Psychologist


  • Gifted Evaluations
  • Children of Divorce
  • Complex mental health
  • Trauma
  • Gender diversity
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Parenting
  • Child or Adolescent
  • Young Adult


  • Psychological Evaluation
  • Psychoeducational Evaluation
  • Consultation with Parents


Beverly Januszewski Ph.D.

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